Reading and writing in English and Spanish

Do you think it´s better to know how to read and write in your mother tongue before learning how to do it in a second one?

I think is not relevant to know how to read in your mother tongue,because the second language might no use the sme system to identify the meaning of the symbols.

For example,it is known that a second language like Arabic or Chinese does not use the same way to read.Despite I am able to read in Spanish and English,my reading strategy does not work for those languages,

What are the advantages of learning a second languages when you don´t know how to read? What are the disadvantages?

As a bilingual in catalan and spanish, I do consider an advantatge to learn before they read,because your brain will be focus in adquiring sounds and vocabulary .So before learning the way to read, you might feel more motivating for communicative competence instead of being focus on your mistakes.

The only disadvantatge is that those kids used to learn slower literacy ,because their brains have to classify vocabulary to a language,

María Climent Garces

PS: What is your opinion?  TED TALKS bilingual minds


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