adds and disadvantages of using the ELP

adds and disadvantages of using the ELP

teachers daywhat would be the advantages and disadvantages of using the
ELP with my groups?

European Languge Portfolio is a new concept
created to our currently society.Teachers like us are not very well informed
about what does consist of or what is the point of the European Language

Taking my background and experiences I
guess European Language might be a common language to use for all the Europeans
in order to grow as an union.So they choose the international English language
as a way to intercommunicate between people that are non natives in that
one.About portfolio could be refer to keep information,paper work and control about
our progress in that skill.

Basing in my group of that school year
whose they are in 3rd grade of an elementary school,I can get some
points that I really support and some details that makes hard to apply ELP.

First of all,the idea of applying news
skills are really good for students.why?skills are tought forever and used in
any age of their lives.Moreover, I really like the idea of giving to students English
more hours because is the basic language to survive overseas(unless they will
decide to move or visit Central and South America).Not only to go overseas but
receiving inmigrants or tourists from everywhere. Spain has the tourism as a
big branch of our economy ! (we received Europeans every year visiting our
cities or enjoying the beaches )

However,the ELP does not have in mind some
realistic situations that I am going to expliain below:

A-the badget of schools ( the lack of
resources of a school like laptops were students could use some activities necessary
to use for improve English like listen to read

B-native teachers. Public or charter
schools can afford to hire 1 or 2 assistants native which are working for whole
levels, so kids receive oral activities maximum 2 hours per week.

C-Parents.Most of them can not speak English
so students are not allowed to reinforce the content at home.

Those big branches modify the ELP process learning
,so let the teacher work faster or
slower the contents .

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