During my years as a student , I had several number of teachers whose had been important in my life because I learned a lot.But years later and becoming a teacher makes me  to understand better some characterisitics that good teachers have.


A good teacher is someone that has very clear what she expects from she knows?because she had some years trying a lot of activities,so after 4 or 5 years is easy to see where is the top level to learn.

Although,there are lot of teachers focus on the emotional feedbacks, if they would like the activity I do not really support this idea.

My best teacher,which tought me in 7th  and 8th grade was very strict but I the same time was with her lessons.Her lessons were very organized and structured and she was always learning us study skills very useful for secondary school.Every single week we had to present schemes,notes of the lessons she had explained.Futhermore,she was always checking our notebooks to know if we had clean and well handwriting on our notes.


I know that most of non hard workers hate herfor making us to learn and work much more than the rest of the subjects(She was in charge of Science and Social Studies) but nowadays I have very clean handwriting and use those study skills to study and draw conclusions.

In other words,my strict teacher makes me grow fast and efficiently.


best teacher


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